Sleeping and Depression

We all feel low from time to time. Sometimes it’s just a temporary thing, when something happens that would you put you in a bad mood for a couple of days. But soon enough you will forget about it and will be back to your usual self.

Being depressed is like that, but it just doesn’t have a natural expiry date. Moreover, it doesn’t have any obvious cause, that you can work to fix. You just feel like doing nothing, even when you want to, and you can’t figure out why that is.

Now I can’t say for sure what things to do when you are feeling depressed, but there’s one thing for sure that you shouldn’t do. Don’t oversleep.

Sleep feels like the easy way out when you are feeling depressed and fed up with life. Sometimes the only way to pass time is to just take a nap. But pretty soon the nap becomes a habit. You would find that you are waking up late, and after breakfast, you are already feeling sleepy again. If you don’t consciously try to avoid it, you would easily sleep through the whole day.

Now, how you would avoid it is something you have to figure out for yourself. The best way would be to choose something that would cheer you up while making you feel less sleepy at the same time. This may be watching a TV Series, or playing a Video Game, or calling an old friend. Find something like this for yourself.

Just don’t give in to that laziness. Just by doing that, you are taking action. And action is the only way to fix things.



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Pranav Tiwari

I write about life, happiness, work, mental health, and anything else that’s bothering me