“Yesterday. All my troubles seemed so far away!”

I was so happy to be back in Mumbai yesterday, happy to be back working from my office again. So glad, that I even wrote a blog about it, about how the “energy” of the city was “powering” me. Well, it didn’t take long for that to change.

It just seems that we can’t enjoy good things forever. Soon enough, the happiness subsides and the little annoyances start to pile up. Be it the traffic, or the task of getting an auto in peak hours, it just sucks all the joy and motivation out of you.

In physics, we learn about two types of equilibrium, a stable and unstable equilibrium.

See in the first figure, the ball is in a stable equilibrium. If you move it, either way, a little or too much, it will eventually come to rest in the center again.

On the other hand, the other ball is in an unstable equilibrium. Move it just a touch, and it will just gain speed and keep falling. It will never come to rest again.

I feel my mental health has always been in the second type of equilibrium. I can be at a great place, but little things can knock me right off it.