Getting back to Meditating

I have touched on this topic before in this blog, why is it that we sometimes don’t do things that we know for sure will be good for us. For instance, I know for a fact that I work best when I get up before 5 AM, yet I have been sleeping till 8 for the past few months.

While getting up early might be a tough task, there’s an even simpler task that I know has always helped me in the past — Meditation.

When I first started meditating properly, my goal was to build up the time I was able to meditate in one sitting. I started off with just 3 minutes in a day, slowly built it up to 20, but I hit a plateau there. And since I was not able to progress any further, I slowly gave up meditating altogether.

I later incorporated it back into my morning routine, since I realized that even a 5-minute meditation session allowed me to collect my thoughts and go into my day with more energy. And believe me, 5 minutes is too easy, and it works wonders.

Yet somehow, I have stopped that as well. And I’m not sure why is that. It seems to me that when I am the most confused in life when I actually need the meditation, that’s the time when I just don’t feel like meditating for some reason. It’s as if the depression has a life of its own, and it knows that meditation will kill it, so it never allows me to do it.

I think this post was meant to be a wake-up call for me. To finally build up the strength and just start meditating again.



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Pranav Tiwari

I write about life, happiness, work, mental health, and anything else that’s bothering me