Let’s talk about faith for a second. A lot of people are turned off by religion because a lot of it relies on blind faith. I’m one of those people.

I heard someone say today -

“You’ve got to have faith that tomorrow is going to be better..”

And that got me thinking, as an optimist, I’m definitely guilty of having such faith from time to time.

Whenever I have shitty days at work, I get myself through them by having faith that things will turn around someday. When I get an opportunity to work on a tough project, I take it on, even though I might be scared. I take the leap of faith since I believe in myself.

I have faith that good things will happen to good people. I have faith that hard work will beat bad luck each and every time.

I have faith that if I keep up with the daily writing, one day I’ll surely get better at it.

And if you think about it, most of these are blind faiths as well. But I need them in order to function. And looking at faith from this perspective changed my views about religion just a bit. Maybe there’s something to it after all.



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Pranav Tiwari

I write about life, happiness, work, mental health, and anything else that’s bothering me