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Pranav Tiwari
2 min readJan 31, 2023

Day 31 / 365

A few weeks ago I found a twitter user bragging about how he has created over 20 faceless youtube channels that make millions of dollars in revenue each year. And the best part was that most of the process was automated, that is, he was not creating and uploading each video manually, but by using some tools and code.

The videos he told he was making were mostly complilation or top 10 videos, made by simply combining smaller videos found on other social media sites, stuff like this

You dont need a camera or a mic or even fancy editing tools to make this video. You just need to find some funny and interesting clips, combine them, comeup with a clever title, description and thumbnail and post the video on youtube. And technically all this can easily be automated using code.

I was still skeptical if it will work or not. And while the Twitter user made lots of claims, he didn’t post any proof to back it up. And I thought that it was all too good to be true.

But then I stumbled upon this Reddit post —

This guy on reddit made a really basic script in python to take in funny comments from Reddit posts and make a youtube short out of it. He created a Youtube channel and started posting these shorts on it. And just like that, within a week with 0 advertising or promotion the channel had gathered 35,000 views!

I think thats enough proof for me that this can work. And I am going to build this as my next project. Maybe add some AI into it as well.



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